picture1Born and raised in New Jersey, Kelly graduated from Fordham University in New York City with a degree in Communication & Media Studies. After a brief stint in Virginia Beach, working for an online-only publication, Kelly returned to the Garden State as an education reporter for the Burlington County Times. Before that, she worked as a sports reporter and host at WFUV, an NPR affiliate in New York, and as a production assistant at WFAN and CBS Sports Radio. She was also editor-in-chief of her college newspaper, the Fordham Ram.


When he was not even three years old, Max’s parents woke him up in the middle of the night to watch Cal Ripken become baseball’s Iron Man and his obsession with all things sports has only grown since. A two-sport athlete and New York CHSAA B state basketball champion in high school, Max graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx and served as Sports Editor for The Fordham Ram. He now makes yearly pilgrimages to Camden Yards and dreams of a home on Eutaw St.

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