The Power Couple’s Week 8 Picks

All season long, the Power Couple will predict each week of the NFL season. Picks will be made against the spread, using the same lines posted over at ESPN’s Pigskin Pick’em game.

Last Week

Max: 9-6

Kelly: 6-9


Max: 46-61

Kelly: 44-63

Thursday Night Football

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans (Titans -3.5)

Max- Titans: I really don’t have any interest in watching this game.

Kelly – Titans: We really have to watch this game? I guess the Titans, but they blew their shot to show me something last week.

Sunday 9:30 a.m. ET Games

Washington Redskins vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Bengals -2.5)

Max – Bengals: I think Cincinnati is just the better team and they’ll start to get their offense back on track now with Tyler Eifert returning to the lineup.

Kelly – Bengals: I think this might be the best London game we’ve had, but I still think the Bengals are the better team, no matter where they play.

Sunday 1:00 p.m. ET Games

New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills (Bills +6.5)

Max- Patriots: If LeSean McCoy were healthy in this game I might think differently, but I don’t believe Bill Belichick is going to lose to this team again. Tom Brady is back and he’ll score more than enough to cover this spread.

Kelly- Patriots: Rex beat them once. I think Tom Brady wants a crack at them this time and with LeSean McCoy a little banged up, I think Tom will have no problem with that.

New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns (Browns +3.5)

Max- Jets: If the Browns don’t win this game they’re going 0-16. I don’t think they win this game.

Kelly- Jets: God if the Jets lose…they can’t right?

Detroit Lions vs. Houston Texans (Texans -2.5)

Max- Lions: I think I’ve lost all faith in Brock Osweiler. I know it was against Denver, but he looked very shaky on every third down Monday night. Matt Stafford, meanwhile, is on some kind of roll. I think Detroit pulls out another upset.

Kelly- Texans:

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts (Colts +2.5)

Max- Chiefs: The Colts got a nice win last weekend, but they’re still a bad football team. Kansas City is much better.

Kelly- Colts: I feel like the Chiefs are due to blow one of these games. They’ve been solid in the last two games since the bye, but I can see a game just slipping away from them. I think this might be the one.

Oakland Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Buccaneers -0.5)

Max- Raiders: Oakland has been a very good road team and they should have no problem scoring on Tampa Bay.

Kelly- Raiders: I’m a little suspicious why the line is this low. I don’t think the Bucs are very good and the Raiders have shown they can outscore almost anyone.

Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints (Saints +3.5)

Max- Seahawks: I worry about the sluggishness of Seattle’s offense, but New Orleans’ defense just cannot get stops.

Kelly- Seahawks: I’m worried about Seattle as well, however, the Saints are having some massive issues stopping people, so if the Seahawks need a week to get back on track – this is the one.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Carolina Panthers (Panthers -2.5)

Max- Cardinals: If Arizona’s defense plays close to the way it played Sunday night they may actually win this weekend. Carolina’s defense hasn’t been the same this season and the Cardinals will take advantage of that.

Kelly- Cardinals: I think that the Panthers are not good and that their rough times will continue against a team that desperately needs a win after atrocious tie last week.

4:00 p.m. ET Games

San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos (Broncos -5.5)

Max- Broncos: The Denver defense looked a lot like it’s terrifying self Monday night and its offense took a step forward as well. San Diego has been playing much better with an improved offensive line and Joey Bosa in the lineup, but I’m not sure Philip Rivers will be able to score enough to cover in this game.

Kelly- Chargers: I’m picking the Chargers to beat the Broncos twice in one year – yes you heard me. This San Diego has found its rhythm and banished any late game demons with their comeback, overtime win over the Falcons last week. This team is hitting their stride and I don’t see Denver stopping that.

Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons (Falcons -2.5)

Max- Packers: The Falcons have suffered back-to-back losses as Matt Ryan has struggled to throw to receivers not named Julio Jones. I think the Packers, given a few extra days off, find a way to make it three straight Atlanta losses.

Kelly- Falcons: For the same reasons Max likes the Packers, I like the Falcons. I think they can get back on track after slipping up the last two weeks.

Sunday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys (Cowboys -4.5)

Max- Cowboys: Do we finally have a good Sunday night game? Ezekiel Elliott vs Carson Wentz is a legitimately exciting matchup and I think the running back wins this first one.

Kelly- Cowboys: I’m very exciting to see all of the rookies in one game. I think that the Cowboys are the overall better team and they’re at home.

Monday Night Football

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears (Bears +6.5)

Max- Vikings: Minnesota’s offensive line struggles last weekend are genuinely concerning, but the Bears do not pose close to the same threat the Eagles do.

Kelly- Vikings: The Bears are quite bad. The Vikings need a bounce back win after Philly chased Sam Bradford out of town, again. I think they’ll bounce just fine here.

Bye week: Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco

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