The Power Couple’s Week 7 Recap

Kelly: To quote Game of Thrones, (which has become one of my favorite shows, thanks Max), “You know nothing, Jon Snow (everyone who watches the NFL).” The Vikings are losing, the Colts are winning, San Diego avoided heartbreak and we even had a tie. That says it all.

Week 7 Winners

San Diego Chargers

Kelly: It was a tie game, heading into overtime. San Diego had already overcome a 17-point deficit. The game was primed for another gut-wrenching loss. And yet, somehow, some way, aka a guy named Philip Rivers, the Chargers pulled it out. A lot of the credit goes to Denzel Perryman who wrecked havoc on a good Falcons offense for most of the night. Perryman put together a seven-tackle, including 1.5 for a loss, one interception day. Rivers for his part did enough to keep the offense moving and got them right where they needed to be to win the game. This was one of the best games of the week somehow, and the Chargers saved Mike McCoy for now.

Indianapolis Colts

Max: It feels wrong to make a 3-4 team one of the weeks winners, but that’s just the current state of the NFL. The Colts badly needed a win to maintain a chance to win this pitiful AFC South and Andrew Luck made sure they got one, throwing for 353 yards and three touchdowns. Indy’s defense struggled again, allowing DeMarco Murray to rush for 100+ yards, but the Colts offense did more than enough to make up for it. Big division win for Chuck Pagano and Co.

New England Patriots

Max: Golden Boy, Golden team. The Patriots got yet another break this weekend, facing the Steelers without Ben Roethlisberger and took full advantage of it. Their defense gave the Steelers a few too many chances and Mike Tomlin was uncharacteristically conservative,

You may have noticed we only picked three winners this week. That’s because…

Week 7 Losers

Football Fans Everywhere:

Max: God, what a terrible Sunday Night game.

Minnesota Vikings

Max: The Vikings played a largely terrible game on Sunday, despite coming out of a bye week to face a team with a rookie quarterback. Their defense was close to it’s usually great level of play, but their offense struggled mightily. The offensive line had its weaknesses seriously exposed, allowing Sam Bradford to be hit and the turn the ball over multiple times. The Vikings blew a great chance to continue their ascent out of a bye week and tighten their grip on the NFC. They let it slip by in disappointing fashion.

Buffalo Bills

Kelly: Everytime I start believing in Rex Ryan again his team somehow lets me down. They blew a prime opportunity to head into New England with a 5-2 record, just one game behind the Patriots. But no. We can’t have nice things this NFL season so the Bills had to blow it in Miami and they got LeSean McCoy more banged up leaving him questionable for the showdown in Buffalo. I wanted you to be a winner Buffalo, but alas when you let Jay Ajayi go for 200+ yards you end up a loser. Just ask the Steelers…

Washington Redskins

Max: Washington had a great chance to maintain its momentum and climb up the NFC East standings against the inconsistent Lions. Instead they lost the game in the closing minutes and fell a game behind the Eagles. The defense has been bad all season and an injury to Josh Norman only made this outcome hurt more.

Baltimore Ravens

Kelly: Once upon a time, the Ravens were 3-0 and they had me and a lot of other people asking, “are they good?” “Could they be for real?” The answer, as we found after yesterday’s loss, is no. The Ravens played a pretty bad 1-5 Jets team and walked out of there with a loss. They faced not one, but two shitty QBs, who combined to go 13 for 22 for 189 yards…. The Jets held the Ravens to 10 yards rushing and that was the difference. Joe Flacco had to do everything, and the Jets secondary actually stepped up in this matchup and got the turnovers when they needed to. Baltimore has now lost 4 straight…Yikes.

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