The Power Couple’s Week 6 Recap

Kelly: Week 6 gave us some exciting performances – Dallas, I’m looking at you, some real clunkers – Houston, Indianapolis, what was that, as well as many questions marks – how will the Steelers survive without Big Ben, are the Bills actually good and how many ways can we question Aaron Rodgers. Here’s a look at our winners and losers of the week:

Week 6 Winners

Dallas Cowboys

Max: Dak and Zeke are a legitimate offensive force. Ezekiel Elliot, running behind that monstrous Dallas offensive line, has 130+ yards in his last four games and sits atop the NFL leaderboard a whopping 116 yards ahead of second place LeSean McCoy. Dak, meanwhile, hadn’t thrown his first interception until yesterday and continues to make smart plays that lead to long drives and points. If the Cowboys defense, which held Cincinnati and Green Bay to 14 and 16 points the last two weeks, and maintains its current level Dallas has legit chance at the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

Buffalo Bills

Kelly: God I can’t believe I’m writing this, but Rex Ryan has found something up in Buffalo. Apparently, putting Sammy Watkins on IR for the year, was the answer…But seriously, after starting the year 0-2, the Bills haven’t lost a game and absolutely dominated the 49ers yesterday. I thought it would be one of those, ”Oh, we overhyped the Patriots and are now going to get decimated in our next game, typical Rex Ryan” losses, but I was dead wrong. LeSean McCoy is off to his best start yet, despite an injury scare yesterday, and while I have my doubts about this team, they’re a clear winner right now.

The New York Giants Kicking Net

Max: It looks like someone’s trying to give the Power Couple a run for our money.

I admire Odell Beckham’s commitment to this bit, but I am blown away by his play on the field. Yes, he’s prone flare ups and loses his cool a bit too easily, but he almost singlehandedly won the Giants that game yesterday. He set a new career-high with 222 receiving yards and that catch-and-run for a touchdown on an 8-yard slant was simply incredible.

Jay Ajayi

Kelly: Jay Ajayi decimated the Pittsburgh Steelers defense yesterday for the score of a whopping 204 yards and two touchdowns. It was a bad day overall for Pittsburgh – more on that in a bit – but Ajayi just couldn’t be stopped. It was an incredible performance on a day everyone expected Arian Foster to be back as the lead back from his hamstring injuries. Ajayi, however, seemed to have something to say about that.

Kendall Wright

Max: Wright earns a shoutout thanks to this incredible effort.

Look at him completely sell out  for that ball. Play of the week in my book.

Week 6 Losers

Ben Roethlisberger

Kelly: Roethlisberger, who had quite the dreadful performance against the Dolphins, going 19 for 34 for 189 yards, a touchdown and two picks, ended up with even worse news as he tore his meniscus. The most fun offense in the league came crashing back down to earth against quite a bad Miami team and now they have to pull it together with Landry Jones leading the way against the luckiest team in the entire universe. Just a bad day all around for Big Ben, the Steelers and the NFL. It looked like we had finally had a marquee matchup next week and now Pittsburgh will have to face New England without its starting QB. God, I hate how the Patriots catch every break.

Carolina Panthers

Max: Last year’s NFC Champions are now 1-5 and the wheels are one more bad quarter mile from coming off entirely. The run game has been shaky, the receivers aren’t making enough plays and the defense, last year’s calling card, has been terrible. Cam Newton went back to his surly mode in the postgame press conference and has played at an MVP-level. Carolina better take this bye week and regroup.

Rookie QBs

Kelly: Dak Prescott helped lead the Cowboys to a victory in Lambeau – something that the Cowboys have always struggled with. However, all anyone is talking about today is will Jerry Jones pull him out of the lineup for Tony Romo. Can we please just let him breathe? Everyone pounced his back during the game when he *gasp* threw his first pick of the year and now everyone is trying to pull him out of the lineup. Newsflash, Romo isn’t healthy just yet so let Dak breathe and we can have this debate a different day. As for Carson Wentz, let’s just say after their second straight loss, the Wentz wagon has grown a bit lighter. Wentz went just 11 for 22 for 179 yards and no scores. Their defense and special teams kept them in the game, but Wentz just couldn’t lift them over the hump.

Aaron Rodgers

Max: It’s hard to look at this week and not come away thinking Rodgers was a loser. The Packers offense, for yet another week, struggled mightily against an unimpressive Cowboys defense. He threw for just 294 yards on 42 passing attempts and his lone interception was a terrible, very un-Aaron Rodgers pass. The Packers don’t have a great cast supporting him, but Rodgers hasn’t looked like the indomitable force he once was. Something needs to change in the Badger state.

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