A quiet NFL offseason? Really?

When the news broke today that Dallas’ rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot is accused of assaulting his girlfriend – maybe the details are still a little unclear – one of the first things that popped into my head was that this is the first “NFL-related” news I had heard in awhile.

Maybe, it’s just me. Maybe I haven’t been paying as much attention to the NFL in the offseason as I have in past years – thanks NBA. So maybe I’m off base a little. Maybe that’s just me.

But let’s look back at some past NFL offseasons. Last season, the offseason contained the mess Greg Hardy caused and the never-ending Deflategate saga. Now obviously, Deflategate is still leaving its marks with Tom Brady’s suspension, but he went calmly into the night, after the heat from last summer.

The year before that, Roger Goodell botched the Ray Rice situation and the video surfaced which made him look like an even bigger fool.

Last offseason, Rex Ryan shipped up to Buffalo, Johnny Manziel’s partying saga, at least four young NFL players like Patrick Willis announced they were retiring mainly due to injury and the Rams traded away Sam Bradford who was supposed to be the face of their franchise.

This year, well we have the never ending Fitzpatrick-saga, the Tom Brady suspension, which to me has drawn less attention than I could have ever guessed (although I don’t live in Boston…), and small stories here or there. Newspapers aren’t printing NFL stories on their front pages, unless it’s a local story.


Concussions have faded out of the headlines that they dominated just a few months ago.

(Courtesy of the New York Times)
(Courtesy of the New York Times)

And it’s just been eerily quiet. I keep expecting a story to last for more than a blip on our radars. The Von Miller contract seemed like it could have been an issue, but that settled down quite quickly. The Jets surprised everyone by agreeing to terms with Muhammad Wilkerson, avoiding another long-lasting story.

Maybe it’s a good thing it’s been quiet. We haven’t had something terrible come crashing down around the league. We haven’t had that big breaking story that every sports radio station in the country is discussing and every paper is writing about. Maybe that’s a good thing.

But still, it seems a little too eerily quiet to me.

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