Knicks Outdo Themselves Once Again, Sign Joakim Noah to Four-Year Deal

Here are some things that are four years long: Presidential terms, Olympic Cycles, soccer’s World Cup cycle.

Oh, and Joakim Noah’s next contract with the New York Knicks.

The Knicks have a long and storied history of overpaying players and acquiring big names well past their primes. It’s practically a New York summer tradition, right up there with the hot dog eating contest.

This move may very well take the cake and go down next to the infamous Eddy Curry signing as one of the worst in Knicks history.

According to the Vertical, its a four-year $72 million contract. The money isn’t as big of a problem as the years. Joakim Noah is 31. He’s coming off multiple injury-riddled seasons and played in just 29 games last year. His PER has dropped each of the past three seasons.

And the Knicks just agreed to pay even more than Robin Lopez. And for an additional season.

I didn’t like the trade for Derrick Rose for two reasons. First, it sent away the Knicks’ only legitimate trade chips and, second, because it didn’t fit with the Knicks’ need to adjust their timeline for Kristaps Porzingis.

Signing Noah only serves to compound those mistakes. Signing a 31-year-old who blocks Porzinigis from playing center, the position he could prove to be best at, is a big mistake.

The trade also hurts New York’s cap sheet. One of the touted benefits of trading Robin Lopez was it freed up money and removed the Knicks’ longest contract. Now, they have a worse player on, signed for more money, on an even longer contract.

Will the Knicks never learn?

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