In Defense of Live Sporting Events

Kelly: “I’d rather watch it on my TV.” “I can sit on my couch and not be bothered.” “Why go sit there and get rained on, or stand in line, when I can stay home?”

I bet all of you have heard these before and to be fair, sometimes it’s nice. Relaxing on the couch after a long day at work and turning on your favorite team with a beer in your hand on your 50+ inch TV sounds pretty great.

However, I’m here to make a plea to you – get off the couch at least once this year and go to a game if you can. And believe me I can hear the arguments now – “it’s so expensive.” “It’s too hot or too cold.” And yes all of these are true. 

Still, Max and I made our second annual trip to Camden Yards this past weekend and being there really made me love the spectacle that is live sporting events.


You can feel the vibes when you walk into the ballpark or stadium right away – the pulse from the crowd. Each person feeds off the excitement of the person next to you. The simultaneous cheers and boos, thrills and letdowns bring thousands of strangers together even just for a few hours.


There’s a different feeling you have when you watch something live compared to when it’s on TV. You remember the details. You remember who had the first hit, who looked good at the plate, who seemed a bit off. You can sit and chat with the people around you and banter back and forth between batters or plays.


You can share moments with family and friends that would just be another mundane Saturday on the couch. You share in the collective history of the ballpark or stadium and be a part of it.

I’ve fallen out of love with baseball a bit as I documented earlier this year, but being there and seeing the action live made me appreciate it more than I had in awhile.

Adam Jones, Chris Davis and Matt Wieters brought electricity to Camden Yards and the fans in attendance, including Max and I.

So if you have a few extra dollars lying around, head out to the stadium. Even if it’s a blowout, (which thankfully this one wasn’t), it’ll still hold some memories.

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