2016 NBA Draft Recap

Entering Thursday night, I knew the draft would be wild. But I wasn’t expecting that.

Boston was underwhelming. The Suns made great moves. And we had a huge trade!

Man, the draft is fun.

It’s way too early for winners and losers, but, in the spirit of this crazy night, lets name some anyway.


Boston Celtics- Jaylen Brown (3rd overall); Guerschon Yabusele (16) Ante Zizic (23); traded 31 (Deyonta Davis)+39 to Memphis for 2019 1st; Demetrius Jackson (45) Ben Bentil (51) Abdel Nader (58)

It’s hard to know what to make of Boston’s draft. After all the noise and rumors leading up to Thursday night, the Celtics were unable to trade out of the No. 3 slot and find the All-Star they desperately crave. There was noise they would take Kris Dunn and dangle him, but ultimately selected Brown and ended trade talks.

I like Brown a lot, but he’s unproven and needs time. Do the Celtics have time to develop him? The same holds true for Yabusele and Zizic, who may just turn into draft-and-stashes. Often we think the more draft picks the better, but it felt like the Celtics had a few too many tonight. They couldn’t use all of them and the rest of the league knew it.

Sacramento Kings- traded down from 8th (Marquese Chriss) to take Georgios Papagiannis (13); Malachi Richardson (22); Skal Labisierre (28) Isaiah Cousins (59)

This sums up the Kings’ night:

After fleecing the Hornets earlier in the day to get the 22nd pick, I thought the Kings had turned things around. Man, was I mistaken.

I don’t understand moving down five spots and passing on the player with the most potential in the draft (Chriss). Even if he’s a poor fit with Cousins (I don’t think he is) or they decided they needed a point guard (I mean, sure they do), why take a projected second-rounder 13th? I like Richardson and Labisierre, but they are both home run swings.

When will will the Kings figure out that they are wasting a truly great NBA talent?


Phoenix Suns- Dragan Bender (4); Gave up 13 (Georgios Papagiannis) and 28 (Skal Labisierre) for No. 8 (Marquese Chriss); Tyler Ulis (34)

I loved what the Suns did. There was reportedly a great debate in the Suns’ war room on Chriss vs. Bender. In the end, the Suns made a brilliant move, saying “screw it,” and got them both.

The Suns may not be great next year, but they will be very fun to watch. Bender and Chriss could get minutes right away and they will grow right along with a budding young star in Devin Booker.

Denver Nuggets- Jamal Murray (7) Juan Hernangomez (15) Malik Beasley (19) Petr Cornelie (53)

Watch out, NBA. Denver is coming

I love what Denver has done. Mudiay and Murray will fit really well together, Hernangomez has tons of potential as a combo forward who can play with Jokic and Nurkic. Beasley provides defense and shooting on the wing.

Philadelphia 76ers- Ben Simmons (1); Timothe Luwawu (24); Furkan Korkmaz (26)

They didn’t get the point guard they wanted, but Luwawu and Korkmaz are really intriguing wing talents. Korkmaz can play a little 1, but both he and Luwawu have a chance to be strong 3-and-D players. Plus, Ben Simmons and his incredible passing skills will make them both better.

Her favorite team (the Pelicans) did what she wanted and took her favorite player in the draft (Buddy Hield) at 6. The Buddy and the Brow!

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