Buddy and the Brow – why New Orleans should celebrate tonight


Let’s get this out of the way right now – I’m a huge Anthony Davis fan and rooting for him has in turn made me a Pelicans fan.

So, saying I’m excited about this pick right now is an understatement. I was terrified Dell Demps was going to either trade the pick away or pass on Hield if he fell into their laps at 6.

BUT HE DIDN’T. That move might excite me more than the actual player himself.

That being said, Buddy the actual player, is really exciting.

Hield brings immediate offense to a team that so desperately needed it. Think about it – Jrue Holiday, Buddy Hield and Anthony Davis now make up the team’s core. That’s a decent, if not very good, core to continue to build around.

The 22-year-old (fun fact him and Davis were born the same year, same year as yours truly as well!) has gotten better each of his four years at Oklahoma.

His FG% went up from .388 to .501, his three-point percentage went up dramatically from .238 to .457. He had more assists, blocks, defensive rebounds and points per game.

The critics say that he doesn’t play enough defense and is just a pure shooter. Honestly, for right now, that’s ok. They need offense. I trust Alvin Gentry to teach him how to defend other two-guards in the league.

That’s the other thing too – shooting guard isn’t the deepest position around the league once you get past the elite like Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler. Why do you think Butler was so sought after today?

Hield might not be a NBA MVP anytime soon, but thinking about him and Anthony Davis playing together has me excited for next season.

2 thoughts on “Buddy and the Brow – why New Orleans should celebrate tonight

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