Stars of the Hardwood- NBA Finals Game 4

Max: After looking bizarrely absent in Game 3, Steph Curry found a majority of his form in Game 4. He didn’t have one of his patented explosions, but he hit seven threes and finished with a “quiet” 38 points. He would be a deserving Star.

But the Warriors won this game with their defense. The Cavaliers showed a similar amount of energy to Game 3, playing active on defense and working to get good shots on offense. They controlled much of the game.

The Warriors flipped that script in the second half. They took their intensity to another level, tightening up their rotations and making the Cavaliers work down to the end of their shot clock.

Draymond Green played a key role in that. His communication and ability to make multiple efforts on a play were phenomenal. From orchestrating a beautiful switch to get Curry out of a mismatch, to staying totally vertical and protecting the rim from Kyrie Irving, Green did it all. He finished with three blocks and a pair of steals and led the Warriors’ effort to outscore Cleveland 58-42 in the second half. He gets my Star of the Game.

Kelly: I don’t want to knock Green here because he did have an incredible game especially on defense but I think I have to give this one to Steph Curry.

All I heard over the last few days was that Steph needed to show up, Steph needed to lead his team to victory, Steph needed to be the guy. And while he did make mistakes in this game – his lazy paces are costing me my hair – he came through in a big way. Curry drained seven three-pointers as a part of his 38 points, a heck of a lot more than he had the last few games.

Steph looked like, well Steph. He nailed threes from the corner and top of the key. He drove to the basket. He switched on LeBron and covered him quite tough.

His quiet 38 carried the team to victory tonight over a Cavs team that tried their very best. I mean look at this impressive corner three.

He shot, he dished and he ran an awesome pick and roll with Klay Thompson to give his fellow splash brother a chance. Once again, Steph rose to the occasion and proved his haters wrong.

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