Stars of the Hardwood- NBA Finals Game 2

Max: In Game 1 Golden State, the Splash Brothers in particular, didn’t play their best game. They still beat the Cavs 15.

In Game 2 the Warriors came out and flexed ’em.

Draymond Green, heart and soul of the Warriors, came out with his trademark fire and energy and scored 28 points, made five of his eight three-point attempts and a number of hysterical reactions from the greatest shooter ever.

Steph Curry is the Warriors best player. Draymond remains their most important. His abilities- versatility, athleticism, elite defense- are what unlock the juggernaut that won 73 games. Green took his game to another level this year in part because he made 38 percent of his attempts from deep. That shooting is what turned the Curry-Green pick-and-roll into the league’s most dangerous play.

His defense was again excellent as well. The Warriors held the Cavs under 40 percent shooting for the second straight game and Draymond, with a big assist from Andrew Bogut, was a huge part of that.

That kind of defensive effort and a red hot night from deep makes Draymond a no-brainer Star of the Game.

Kelly: Draymond Green lost a little piece of himself in Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the whole “incident” with Steven Adams, he just wasn’t the same player. He lost a bit of his edge, his passionate performances, oh and yes actual good solid production. Tonight, tonight he got all of that back and then some, making him my star of the game as well.

He was 5-8 from three. From three! Green, when he came into the league, was a terrible three point shooter, making them less than 30 percent. Tonight, he shot well over 50. Curry got himself in a hair of foul trouble earlier, forcing Steve Kerr to lean a bit more on Klay Thompson and of course Draymond and boy did they deliver.

But the real star was Green. His 28 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists just absolutely blew the Cavaliers away. They couldn’t guard him – Kevin Love couldn’t. LeBron did for awhile, but he still made a three over him.

As Steve Kerr said after the game, he’s one of their best players. Period.

And when you make the current MVP react like this, you deserve all the stars.

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