Stars of the Hardwood – Game 7 Warriors/Thunder

KELLY: They came back. They really really really did. The Warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit and someone took this series from the Thunder. Really stole it right out from under the palm of Kevin Durant, but it’s theirs. They are the Western Conference Champions.

And that means with Game 7 in the books, we need to pick a star. I really really really want to give this to Klay Thompson again. After he started the game an abysmal 0-7 from the field, he rebounded to put up 21 points, 5 rebounds and 1 block. His threes were critical too once again in dragging the Warriors back into this game after being down 15.

Which is what I’m assuming earned him this honor. Or maybe this might have too.

But but but, while Klay might be the overall reason the Warriors are at this point right now, Steph Curry was the star behind this win.

He stepped up when his team needed him the most. They needed an all-hands-on-deck, MVP performance tonight and Steph delivered. He dropped 36 on the Thunder and seemed to deliver in big moments when his team needed him the most. Like this one:

That’s why he gets my star tonight.

Max: You didn’t forget about the NBA MVP, did you?

When they were down 3-1 we all knew the Warriors would need great games from Steph Curry to complete a seemingly impossible comeback. The problem was, after how poorly he played in Games 3 and 4, we didn’t think he had a great game in him.

He sure proved us wrong.

How did he do that? He’s Steph Freaking Curry.

He saved his best game of the series for the finale. He hit seven threes, including an absolute dagger after dribbling through the entire Thunder defense, and finished with 36 points on 24 shots in his 40 minutes. The Golden State offense was noticeably stagnant whenever he sat and his team-high plus +18 backs that up.

It’s impossible to understate how human the Thunder made Curry look in the first half of the series. Kevin Durant did an incredible job switching on to Curry in pick-and-roll defense and he, Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka bothered him with their incredible length at the rim.

That didn’t happen in Game 7. Curry put Ibaka and Adams on skates and hit a few of his patented step-back threes. He killed Durant several times on switches and either finished at the rim or found the open man.

The Warriors badly needed Curry to be a star and in Game 7 he went supernova all over the hardwood.

Bring on the Warriors-Cavs Finals rematch.


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