Golden State Survives 3-1 Deficit to Advance to NBA Finals

I keep coming back to something Kevin Arnovitz said on the Lowe Post Podcast prior to Game 6.

“Everything is true, until it isn’t”

The Warriors were down 3-1. They had gotten their asses kicked in back-to-back games in Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Thunder had morphed into a super-team that kept coming at you with length, athleticism and a tremendous killer instinct.

“Everything is true, until it isn’t”

Steph Curry looked either hurt, shaken or both. Draymond Green, arguably the Warriors’ most important player, had become nearly unplayable. Steven Adams had fully harnessed the powers of his Dothraki heritage and scared the Warriors away from the paint.

“Everything is true until, it isn’t.”

The Warriors did just enough to win Game 5 at home, took their defense to another level and rode a Klay Thompson explosion to win Game 6, and then turned to the league’s MVP who delivered a Game 7 win in a way only he was capable of.

Steph. Freaking. Curry. 36 points, seven threes and a team-high +18. What more is there to say? The greatest closer in the game just did what he does.

It’s important not to forget about what the Thunder did in this series. They ran a 73-win off the court twice and were about four minutes from going to an NBA Finals. They took everything- their effort, their communication, their athleticism- to a new level on defense and somehow turned into the biggest story of the playoffs. And yet.

“Everything is true, until it isn’t.”

The Warriors didn’t even play their best in Game 7. The Thunder dominated the offensive glass, forced 11 Golden State turnovers and controlled the game through the first half.

“Everything is true, until it isn’t.”

The Warriors exploded in the third quarter, holding OKC to just 12 points and going on a 12-2 run over the final four minutes to take a lead into the fourth quarter.

How? Simply put, the Splash Brothers. The Warriors hit 17 threes in Game 7 alone. Even when they were getting killed on the boards, they calmly kept hitting threes knowing 3>2.

It’s hard to know if the Thunder fell apart or if the Warriors just demoralized them with their barrage of threes. That third quarter explosion had more than a few moments of Thunder finger-pointing, as OKC would get a rebound and score, only to give up yet another Golden State three.

Kevin Durant clearly tried to get his teammates involved more, taking just five shots in the first half and spreading the ball. He nearly brought the Thunder back with seven straight points in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, but the damage had been done. That final Curry dagger? It only happened because the Thunder were completely flummoxed and failed to give a foul.

All season long, this Warriors proved they were ready to go down in history. Now, after surviving 3-1, they have yet another tremendous accomplishment to add to their resume.

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