Warriors, Klay Thompson’s 11 Threes, Force Game 7

For about 46 minutes, the Thunder were winning Game 6 on their home floor. They controlled the paint, played their hyper-athletic brand of defense and got their boisterous crowd into it.

It took only two minutes for everything to change.

Golden State took their defense to another level and Klay Thompson and Steph Curry drained enough threes to make Chesapeake Energy Arena go deathly quiet.

All season long, the Warriors did an incredible job of keeping games close until an explosion of shooting and defense put the game out of reach. They often made it happen before the third quarter was midway over, but it was even more incredible when it happened late.

Tonight, Thompson and Curry, the Splash Brothers, found that knockout punch at just the right time. Thompson hit a ridiculous, record-breaking 11 threes to keep them close and then Curry reminded everyone who the unanimous MVP was.

Thompson hit more than a handful of unbelievable shots. One from about 32 feet with a hand in his face, one in the corner he almost didn’t catch and one in transition that finally put the Warriors in front.

Oklahoma City has to be absolutely devastated, but this series is far from over. Kevin Durant struggled mightily Saturday night. He took 19 shots in the first half alone and finished a terrible 10-31 for the game. He clearly wanted to end the series and probably went away from Oklahoma City’s normal offense to do so.

That OKC offense was also pretty bad down the stretch. Klay and Steph will rightfully get a ton of the headlines, but Andre Iguodala was heroic down the stretch. He got his hands on the ball seemingly every time Durant and Russell Westbrook tried to attack and his three steals in 38 minutes were hugely important.

Game 7. Monday night. Bring. It. On.


One thought on “Warriors, Klay Thompson’s 11 Threes, Force Game 7

  1. you couldnt write this for a Hollywood film if you tried. down 3-1 and you push it to a game seven . omg….. to top that the baskeball gods are blessing us with basketball on memorial day . cant wait


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