Stars of the Hardwood – Game 6 Warriors/Thunder

Kelly: I AM STILL IN SHOCK. I cannot believe that game just happened. And that the Warriors pulled out a game in OKC. And that Steph did this:

And that the Thunder lost to be honest. There’s so many more parts to break down, like Kevin Durant’s rough shooting night. And OKC’s foul trouble and how they let the Warriors hang around.

But. But. They did. And since they did, one man refused to let his team lose. That one man, the star of this game, was Klay Thompson. Klay freaking Thompson and his 41 points kept the Warriors in the game. Klay Thompson overcame a rough shooting start to drill 11 (!) threes in this game to move his team on to Game 7. Klay Thompson won the Warriors this game and quite frankly put up one of the best playoff performances I’ve ever seen.

Max: Guys.

He hit 11 threes!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better shooting performance. In a do-or-die game, on the road, in a building you just got demolished not once, but twice in, to keep their hopes of reaching “greatest team ever” status alive- could the stakes have been any higher? And Klay’s out here making shots like this?


Somehow, the Warriors hung around that game for what seemed like an eternity before taking over late. It never felt like they were going to win until the final 90 seconds or so. Curry hit a huge transition and that ridiculous lay-up Kelly linked to above, but that was just the icing.

Klay Thompson was the one who kept the Warriors in it and Klay Thompson was the one who struck the death blow.


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