Stars of the Hardwood – Cavs/Raptors Game 5

Kelly: Boiiiiii.

(courtesy of State Farm)
(courtesy of State Farm)

First of all, this game was a beat down by most of the Cavaliers’ team. The team had 4 guys hit double digits, and another grab 10 boards. However, Kevin Love gets my star today just because he put up more points than minutes on the floor. He spent just 24 minutes in the game last night, but shot an incredible 8 for 10 from the field and 3 for 4 from three-point land. Maybe he was a little ticked off about not playing in the fourth quarter for the last two games. Or maybe he was just in the mood to drop some dimes.

SIDE NOTE – if you haven’t watched the extended version of “Dropping Dimes” please do because it’s my favorite thing ever.

Max: Kevin Love hasn’t played a single second of the last three fourth quarters. Obviously, that was for good reasons last night, but that stat remains amazing.

Love definitely had an excellent and much-needed bounce-back game, but, at the risk of being mundane, I’m giving my star to LeBron James.

There was quite a bit of noise prior to Game 5 about what kind of James we would see and what kind the Cavs needed. Last night, the King knew best. He simply paced the Cavaliers the whole time, getting Kyrie Irving and Love (who scored 19 of his points in the first half) going early and controlling the game in a multitude of ways. He finished with 23 points, eight assists and six rebounds in a typical LeBron effort.

He knows, at least in this series, that the Cavs don’t need him to dominate. He knows taking 30 shots is a bad plan. The Cavs are at their best when all of three best players play well and LeBron made sure that happened last night.

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