Stars of the Hardwood- Warriors/Thunder Game 4

Max: I attempted to pour the contents of my brain out onto my keyboard late last night in an effort to make sense of this series. It didn’t work. I still can’t believe we’re here.

Steph Curry probably isn’t 100%, Draymond Green has been atrocious and the Thunder have somehow killed the Lineup of Death. But I think the biggest reason we’re here has been Kevin Durant.

Durant’s scoring has been elite all playoffs. He scored 26 points last night despite a somewhat inefficient 8-24 from the field. Still, its his defense that has been eye-popping. He had four steals and three blocks last night and his length bothered the entire Warriors’ roster.

I’m still not sure how he did this.

That play is probably one of the five best anyone has made this postseason and it alone would be enough to make Durant my star of the game.

Kelly: As I was watching the game and texting you I said KD would get my star of the game – again. However, then I saw this:

Westbrook has been unbelievable at both ends of the court and has reached a speed that I never thought was possible. He had a triple-double last night, throwing down 36 points, 11 assists and oh you know 11 rebounds – 5 of which were offensive. The Warriors haven’t been able to stop him. The only one who’s slowed him down a little was Klay Thompson but then he got into foul trouble and that plan went out the window.

(Side note – shout out to Klay for keeping this game as “close” as it was, cause without him this would have been a disaster.)

But Westbrook wasn’t done. Besides being a wrecking ball on offense and destroying the Warriors’ hopes and dreams, he also helped shut down the league’s MVP Steph Curry. Curry was a disastrous 6-20 and he turned the ball over 6 times, tied with Draymond Green for the most on the team.

Westbrook seems to always play second-fiddle to Durant or to Curry or to whoever – no one ever thinks of him first. But last night, he showed why that thinking is wrong. Also, this:

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