Stars of the Hardwood – Warriors/Thunder Game 3

Kelly: I’m still not sure that game actually happened. You sure I didn’t just make up the fact that the Thunder absolutely man-handled the defending champions? Oh there’s proof you say?

Oh…..well then. Ok since it’s real I have to pick a star of the game obviously, and it’s a little hard to choose one considering everyone from the Thunder had a great game. If you told me Billy Donovan came in and threw on a jersey, I would probably believe you. But since I have to pick one, give me Kevin Durant. My goodness. He played out of his mind. That block was just one of a sea of highlights from the superstar. 33 points in 32 minutes, shooting 10 for 15. My goodness KD. Hats off to you.

Max: The most astounding part about Durant and Russell Westbrook’s ruthlessness last night was how efficient they were. Having one guy reach the 30-point threshold in just 32 minutes usually leads to a win, and when the Thunder get that from both of their superstars they are nigh impossible to beat.

I thought about giving this to Westbrook because of how important the Thunder’s transition game was to their win last night. They pushed after every missed shot and never let the Warriors get their defense set. Russ was undoubtedly the driving force behind that.

But I, too, am going with Durant. His defense was the difference last night. He blocked three shots and made tons of plays like this.

We’ve wanted for years to see what OKC’s defense would look like with locked-in Durant at the four. We finally saw it last night and it led to a complete domination of the league’s best team.

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