Stars of the Hardwood- Cavs/Raptors Game 3

Max: You didn’t think the Raptors were dead did you?

Bismack Biyombo was simply incredible last night. It might feel strange picking a player who scored just seven points as the game’s best player, but the kind of energy and intensity Biyombo played with (in a whopping 39 minutes, by the way) was awesome to watch. The Raptors have clearly struggled to create offense without Jonas Valanciunas, but if Biyombo is dominating the paint and racking up 26 rebounds, they scratching out enough points to win is definitely possible.

Kelly: I may or may not have thought LeBron would have pushed his team to an undefeated run through the Eastern conference. Never again will I underestimate the Raptors or their fans…

But my star. I have to say Biyombo’s 26 (!!) rebounds were absolutely incredible. But I feel like DeMar DeRozan really carried the team yesterday, even without Kyle Lowry at times. It seems like the Raptors finally figured out how to score without Lowry out there which is an A+ for Dwane Casey and DeRozan. His 32 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists make him my star.


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