Stars of the Hardwood – Cavs/Raptors Game 2

May 19: Cavaliers-Raptors Game 2, Cavaliers 108, Raptors 89

Kelly: So I have a feeling for this one we’re going to both pick the same person….because no matter how much we want to not always agree, I think in this case there’s no way around it.

Max: Yea, it’s LeBron for this game. He played his patented “look how easily I can get a triple-double” brand of basketball and totaled 23-11-11 in 34 minutes. Oh, and he added 3 steals for good measure.

Kelly: I was going to say forget the points for a second – he had 11 rebounds and 11 assists. That’s incredible. I’m really rooting for them to run to the finals undefeated because it’s absolutely insane how much better they are than the rest of the conference. Also he did this, so:

Max: Yea I think there’s an interesting discussion to be had about success in the regular season vs. the playoffs. By virtually every standard this is the most successful season the Raptors have ever had. And they look totally overmatched! The Cavs just keep coming and have an incredible number of weapons. Toronto shouldn’t be discouraged by this outcome, but at this point it’s almost hard not to be.

Kelly: I mean the one thing is Toronto has had their issues these playoffs. They probably shouldn’t have let Indiana hang around as long as they did. I thought Miami had a good chance to beat them, so they did a good job taking care of business there. However, it is a little sad that the #2 team in the Eastern Conference all year could be finished in just two more games…

Max: Even if nothing else, these playoffs have definitely strengthened the argument that the NBA should move the playoffs to a straight 1-16 seeding and ignore the conferences. It’d be pretty cool to have a Spurs, Thunder, Warriors, Cavs final four and those are obviously the best teams.

Kelly: That’’s not a terrible idea. I mean the conferences are already a little blurred as it is – like Memphis being part of the West, and Milwaukee as part of the East – we’re already blurring things geographically. Plus, having the Spurs in longer could never hurt.

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