The Curry Comeback

It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday and I’m very tired at work. I stayed up to watch Steph Curry’s latest act of brilliance last night.

Man, am I glad I did.

It was probably (recency bias alert) the greatest performance I have ever seen. On TNT’s broadcast, Charles Barkley immediately brought up LeBron’s 48-point special, but was hesitant to move it down a slot.

I am not. I can’t believe Curry did that.

I didn’t think he was going to play. I didn’t think he should play. I was sure Steve Kerr would enforce his reported 25-minute limit. Then, as he has all season, Curry shattered every expectation. Just like one of his 35-foot three-pointers, he blew past the regular conventions of the game to score a record 17 points in overtime.

His first three quarters were an obvious battle, but it was also obvious that he won that battle by the fourth.

To be fair, he didn’t do it alone. Draymond Green continued to play his unbelievable excellent defense, hit a big three in the fourth and finished one steal shy of a 5×5 game. The Lineup of Death© was +11 in just five minutes and finished with a ridiculous 85.4 net rating.

Steve Kerr also drew up a brilliant After-Timeout play that got Harrison Barnes, who was mostly terrible all night, a game-tying three-pointer. He nailed it, of course.

Portland also did its damnedest to even the series. Damian Lillard struggled with his shot most of the night, but hit a giant Curry-esque three from 30 feet that nearly won the game.

Then Curry bent the universe to his will and made Portland’s collective jaw drop.

Same here, Paul.   

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