The Power Couple Returns

In case anyone out there was wondering – “what happened to the power couple? Where did they go? DID THEY BREAK UP OMG?”

The answer – thank goodness – is no we did not. We did however, have some big life changing events take place since the last time we, you know, wrote. Or recorded a podcast. Or did anything at all on this webpage.

From Kelly’s end of things she got a new job. And moved back home. There are let’s say a lot of pros and cons to this scenario. She’ll get to be a lot closer to everyone she loves, especially Max over there – woohoo for 2 hours of distance instead of 7! – and work for what she believe is a better company.

As for Max, he’s been adjusting to a job slightly out of his comfort zone and struggling to find creative time. He did survive his first official company layoff experience though, so that’s something.

We’ll do our best to make sure this will be the last time we leave you hanging like that. We both have articles planned to come out this week and a podcast brewing over the weekend. Plus we think we might actually start advertising this site on things like Twitter or some sort of social media. Anyways. Stay tuned – we promise we’ll actually keep you updated this time.

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