It’s Steph Curry’s World, We’re All Just Living In It

Last night, Steph Curry singlehandedly eviscerated the Oklahoma City Thunder by pulling up and nailing a 38-foot three-pointer.

After it happened, I sat on my couch for another 15 minutes in a state of utter disbelief. That’s basically an end of the quarter, “hey, why not?” heave and Curry just steps up and takes it with incalculable amounts of confidence and precision.

Oh, by the way, that shot tied a single-game record for most three-pointers and broke Curry’s own record for most three-pointers in single season.

I’m still not really sure how to process it.

LeBron’s 2009 game-winner in the playoffs, back before LeBron even consistently searched for threes, let alone make them, is the only shot I can think of that even comes close to what Curry did last night.

He pulled up from 38 feet. We would relentlessly mock any other player who tried that. Curry does it and the proper reaction might be to ask what the hell the Thunder were thinking not guarding him sooner.

I’d like to try and step back and highlight one of the 18 other great things that happened in that game. Kevin Durant was nearly unstoppable. Draymond Green, the heart and soul of the Warriors, somehow finished with just two(!) points. How in the hell did Andre Iguodala, who hates to get fouled, make both of those free throws to send the game in to overtime?

Yes, those things happened, but we should be realistic- none of them matter. Curry’s game-winner is all that matters. And I’m ok with that.

Let’s all just sit back, work on our shimmy and let Chef Curry cook.

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