Live blog – Pelicans-76ers

Yes I know what you’re thinking – Kelly could you pick a worse game? However, it may not be as bad as you think. I get to watch three young stars – Anthony Davis, Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor and satisfy my dreams of watching Davis and Noel share the floor. So anyways, I figured it would be super fun to live blog my thoughts on this game.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

1st Quarter

A little Asik action gets the Pelicans a little 6-3 lead to start. Basically got surprised by the pass so you know I’ll take what I can get.

8:19 – Block by AD! Woo!

7:49 – I just saw the worst shot in NBA history. Thanks Norris. Thanks.

7:02 – Nik Staukas, I haven’t give up on you yet. That three proved why.

6:25 – I don’t mean to type this often, but jesus Jahlil has his 3rd foul. 3rd foul!!! We’re barely half way through the first. That is the definition of not good.

4:02 – Jrue Holiday just showed why he’s part of the solution in New Orleans, not the problem. Thanks Mike Prada for that piece, because it’s so so true.

2:39 – Nerlens has a pretty shot, two nice little floaters over Davis so far

2:09 – ….Davis has 14 of 28 of the Pelicans points. Thanks again for that fun dunk from Holiday

2nd Quarter:

10:10 – Jrue with the super pretty long three and the fake! Holiday! STOP GETTING HURT DAMMIT IT’S FUN WITH YOU.

9:38 – Oh Alonzo…gee whiz…

9:20 – And now Jrue made me looks silly cause he had the pretty dish and Gee with the dunk! Yes it deserves an !

That’s a fun stat Fox Sports NOLA – Pellies with 14 points off the fast break, the 76ers with none….

8:50 – Norris. There’s this thing called dribbling you have to do…you know you can’t just pick it up and run…that’s not ok…

5:08 – That was a wide open Noel….nice dunk though

2:39 – I really like watching AD and Jrue. Like a lot.

2:07 – Ryan! Kinda in a sick way happy you stayed….

1st half thoughts: Okafor’s foul trouble has really really hurt the 76ers. He’s a huge part of this team and without him the offense suffers greatly. Davis and Holiday are a great pair now that they’ve had time to play together and work together and learn how to function as a 1-2 punch. Nerlens is super athletic and a lot of fun to watch, but without Jahlil, he’s the only fun thing….

3rd quarter:

11:10 – Bryce DeJean Jones has a nice little chin brace, protective thing on after splitting it open at the end of the last quarter. Good for you Bryce, way to tough it out.

10:30 – Nerlens! What a pretty one handed floater you’ve developed! I’m proud.

9:07 – New Orleans has let this become a game again…only up 10. If only they could keep it together…

7:56 – Nerlens! Again! So fun!

4th Quarter:

So I got a little distracted, talking with my dad and Max. Came back and found this game to be an 8-point game! The Pelicans were up by like 20…

5:22 – Nik Staukas with the clunkerrrr not good as his team probably needed that down just 8…

4:13 – Why did we get rid of Ish Smith again….?

3:37 – Jrue, not a good time for a miss. Not at all.

2:54 – Ish dropping it off to Noel. Both of you come to/back to New Orleans?

2:23 – Oh my. What a mess that situation was. Ryan Anderson not giving up on the ball – I love it but that was a mess on the floor.

1:37 – What court vision there from Ryan, finding the wide open Toney Douglas for the three! Maybe I can start relaxing a hair with a 9 point lead?

0:59 – Toney Douglas fouls on the three….after the 76ers did the most confusing thing. Why are we passing it 6 times when you’re trying to score quick? You had the two-on-one matchup. I just don’t get it…

8.8 – why did we have to make this close. You were up 22. Why is it a 5 point game. Why New Orleans.

Final Score – 121-114 New Orleans, thank god.

Final thoughts – Bryce DeJean Jones got hurt as usual for Pelicans luck. Jrue and Anthony can be super fun and exciting together. We need to keep that one together for awhile. Nerlens Noel – you sir have a bright future. Any chance you wanna bring it to New Orleans 🙂

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