NBA Trade Deadline Week, Day 2

Alert, alert! It’s time for the NBA trade deadline. Kelly and Max are here all week with a running update of all the moving and shaking happening on the hardwood.

2:44 p.m.

Kelly – So yesterday we broke this off after the Heat said good bye to the Birdman and all of his colorful tattoos. I don’t think a ton has happened since then? What did we miss in the silence there?

Max- Day 2 has yet to see a trade but we do have two important updates. First is that the Nets continue to be incompetent. When asked about Woj’s report that the team asked Sean Marks to be its next GM, owner Mikhail Prokhorov said “I have not heard that name before.”

Kelly –  Does this mean the Nets are finally on their way to getting a GM and can actually participate in one of the most important times of the NBA season?

Max- Somehow I doubt that insulting a potential employee is the best way to go about doing business.

Our other update is the report that the Bucks have decided not to move Greg Monroe before Thursday’s deadline. Sad news for your Pelicans, I guess?

Kelly – So now we can get Jabari? Ha. I kid I kid. But interestingly enough, the fact that they aren’t willing to move Jrue is a little mind boggling. I understand they obviously want the right price for a guy they traded two first rounders for, but still. They’re making him untouchable which is a little odd..

Max- I can’t decide how I feel about Holiday. He is a key part of the teams failed efforts to build a team around Anthony Davis and it would make some sense to move on from him, Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon. But, as Mike Prada insightfully wrote about today, Holiday makes that team, and Davis in particular, better when he’s on the court. He’s definitely an above-average starting point guard when he’s healthy. Unfortunately he’s been injured too much.

That said, I’d be for giving him up to get Parker. Moving him to get Monroe, a player we’re not sure would work with Davis, makes less sense and the Pellies are probably right to try and hang on to him.

Kelly – I like Jrue. When I plan NBA 2k with you and I attempt to rebuild the Pelicans, I try to build around him and Anthony. However, like you said, it depends if and when he’s on the court and that just isn’t consistent enough.

Speaking of point guards, have you been following the Ricky Rubio – Knicks rumors? This intrigues me for a few reasons. First of all, I’m really curious what they want from the Knicks. No offense, but outside of Kristaps Porzingis I don’t know what assets they have that Minnesota would want. Carmelo Anthony is very valuable to teams in playoff contention – the Timberwolves in fact are not. So are we looking at draft picks here? I think the Timberwolves have an incredibly exciting, super young obviously, core. And could be good in 2ish years. So who do you want from the Knicks, because I just don’t know who fits with that plan.

Max –Yea, I don’t buy any of the Knicks trade rumors. I do know they are desperate for a point guard and are probably sniffing around every team’s lead ball handler. But you’re right- they don’t have anything to trade. They don’t have their picks and Porzingis is rightly untouchable. Carmelo’s situation is a little more dicey, he has a no trade clause, but I think its something they should explore. You agree?

Kelly – Oh absolutely – I honestly think it makes sense for all involved. Carmelo can play for a playoff team and the Knicks can get some younger assets in return, ideally. I’m trying to think of a team that I could see him opting out of that for. I would have said Chicago, but then Butler got hurt so that makes me a little skeptical. Cleveland? But what would they give up? Maybe, this is a long shot, the Clippers – basically have them realize they need another piece? I can’t think of others that would want that contract…

Max- The Carmelo for Blake trade does make a ton of sense for both teams, but I admit its mostly fantasy. Still, I think Carmelo’s value will continue to decline from this point forward and the Knicks have to consider selling high on him and re-evaluating their timeline. But I doubt it happens unless Carmelo decides to put winning first and asks to be moved.

Kelly – That would be really fun for the Knicks. Porzingis and healthy-not-punching-people Blake? I’m a fan. However, I agree that’s probably not likely.

I’m curious your thoughts on this – who do you think is currently on an NBA team but won’t be on that NBA team in a few days? Aka like a Ryan Anderson.

Max – Hmm that’s a good question. I think the players most likely to be moved are the salary-dump types like Steve Novak in OKC and Josh McRoberts in Miami. But they’re boring, so let’s forget about them for a second.

I’d guess Anderson would have to be up there with a few other role players like Denver’s Randy Foye, Pau Gasol, Hassan Whiteside and Houston’s guys like Dwight Howard, Terrence Jones and Donatas Motiejunas are among the likely trade guys. I think it will take a team in the Western Conference, Portland, Memphis or Houston, to decide which direction they want to go and then the dominoes can start falling.

Kelly – One of the names I heard bounced around that really fascinated me was Ben McLemore. I could see him having an immediate impact for a team, because while he has some experience, he’s also still super young and I don’t think he’s come close to hitting his potential yet.

Max – McLemore might be the captain of the “Needs a Change of Scenery All-Stars.” He hasn’t been very good, but playing for that dysfunctional organization can’t be easy. As you say, he’s a young player who’s shown flashes of a good jumpshot. I’m voting for the Cavs to take a chance on him. More shooting on that bench seems like a good idea.

Kelly – That would be a fascinating move for the Cavs. And that’s my point exactly. I think a change of scenery to an organization that might be a hair more functional than Sacramento, although Cleveland has had their share of issues this year…Poor David Blatt…

Speaking of Cleveland – Kevin Love. Staying or going?

Max- I don’t think Love is going anywhere. LeBron shot down the rumored Carmelo to Cleveland trade pretty hard at All Star Weekend and I don’t see how the Cavs could do better than to get Melo. I think Cleveland believes they have a very good chance to make the Finals this season and they don’t want to jeopardize that too much. If they don’t make it or they lose to the Western Conference representative I think they’ll reassess in the summer, but for now, Love will stay put.

Kelly – I’m glad that GM LeBron shut down the possibility of a trade…but let’s not get into that here. I think that no one, except for the Thunder will be able to knock off the Warriors this year, so Cleveland might want to start reevaluating its priorities.

Max- I think the West is definitely a tighter race than the East, and that makes it easier for Cleveland to stand pat and play this won out. They won two games against the Warriors last year, something that remains incredibly tough to do, and if they get a Finals rematch anything can happen.

That’s also why I think Toronto needs to make a move or two and go all-in. That team can be really dangerous and will be even better if/when they get DeMarre Carroll back. Upgrading the Luis Scola position seems like a no-brainer to me. Get to the East finals and see what happens. What if someone gets injured, or the aging Spurs core just breaks down? The Raptors are just a tier below the Warriors/Spurs/Thunder/Cavs crew and a player like Anderson might put them over the top.

Kelly – Well this could change things….

Cleveland remains very active. Cavs in talks with Pelicans about Ryan Anderson. A 3-team deal that includes Kevin Love still in play.

Max – Not to take anything away from Isola, but he was also the one who reported the three-teamer that included Carmelo. Sooooo idk.
I still don’t understand Cleveland moving Love for Anderson. Anderson is a fine player and I personally like him a lot, but isn’t he just a worse version of Love? Love isn’t an outstanding defender, but Anderson is worse on that side of the ball. I have no trouble believing Cleveland is active, but I don’t see them swapping Love for Anderson. You like Anderson more than I do, am I just wrong?

Kelly-  I love Ryan Anderson, probably a little too much and I’m super biased in saying that. I guess my thing is exactly what you said isn’t he theoretically just Kevin Love without all of the skills? I’m really interested to see though if the Pellies keep him through the deadline – does that make them the favorite to get him in the offseason? I’m so curious.

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