NBA Trade Deadline Week: A Running Diary

Alert, alert! It’s time for the NBA trade deadline. Kelly and Max are here with a running update of all the moving and shaking happening on the hardwood.

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2:45pm
Max- We have our first trade! Orlando is sending Tobias Harris to Detroit for Ersan Ilyasova and Brandon Jennings. Not a blockbuster by any stretch, but it all this league needs is one domino to send all the others tumbling down.

This trade definitely makes sense for both teams, but I like it a bit more for the Pistons. Stan Van Gundy now has a chance to lock up three players, Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond and Harris, for the rest of their primes and Detroit gets a wing scorer who create and continue the drive-and-kick offense. Orlando, meanwhile, moves on from one of its players creating a logjam in the front court. It’s rough that Harris is still only 23 and troubling that the Magic couldn’t figure out how to unleash him, but that’s not entirely on them. Harris is still full of potential and maybe taking aim at a playoff spot for the first time in his career will help him unleash it.

Kelly- I think my biggest question here – Max you already sort of hit on it – is that Tobias Harris is 23. Barely entering his prime. Probably has most of his career left, but the Magic seem to be giving up on him. Maybe he didn’t fit their system or work well in tandem with their other key players – read: Victor Oladipo. Still, I think this adds another element of youth and versatility to a Pistons team that could make a little noise in the bottom of a top-heavy Eastern conference.

Just need to make sure Andre Drummond doesn’t have to face off against Zach Lavine or Aaron Gordon any time soon.
Max- Well, you just hit on the other thing that’s great about this trade- the Magic now have more minutes for Aaron Gordon! Everyone wins!

I agree with your point- it feels really early for Orlando to give up on Harris. They’re clearly struggling with what kind of team they want to put together. They’ve done a good job rebuilding the team post Dwightmare, but it’s been slow and I’m sure patience is wearing thin.

I think that also says something about the job Van Gundy is doing in Detroit. It’s the flip side of what’s happening in Orlando- the Pistons brought in a proven coach who knew what kind of system he wanted and they’re letting him implement it. They’ve gotten much closer to where they want to be in a much shorter timeframe as a result.

Kelly – I only want to watch Aaron Gordon if mascots are around…but anyways back to trades. So one name that been floated around since basically before the NBA season started is Ryan Anderson. While he probably – scratch that, definitely – is the second best player on the New Orleans Pelicans team, there were rumors that he would be gone to help the team, perhaps move in a different direction and try to acquire some assets to put around superstar Anthony Davis.
Apparently, these discussions are now heating up with serious talks, according to “sources” as the Bucks are interested in Anderson and could be sending Greg Monroe to the Pellies. While I’m biased and want Giannis or Jabari to play with Anthony, what are your thoughts on the potential/likely move?

Max- The Bucks moving Monroe less than year after trumpeting his arrival would be stunning, but it might be necessary. The Bucks have fallen off a cliff this season and need a shift. Still, I don’t see them moving on from Jabari this soon. Injury stole his rookie season and, while he and Giannis haven’t been great yet there’s still time. They’ll get another lottery pick this summer. Just be patient.

Kelly – BREAKING – I’m not a patient person. So this is hard for me. And I would love for the Pelicans to get some young talent around Ant. Who better than Giannis or Jabari.

Max- We’re cooking with gas now; we have our second trade of the day! Woj is reporting that Memphis is sending Courtney Lee to Charlotte. Cut to me eagerly refreshing Twitter to find out who the Hornets are trading for Lee.

Kelly – Well then. I see this trade deadline won’t disappoint. I’m curious who Charlotte will be sending over.

Max- Woj says it’s a pair of 2nd round picks, PJ Hairston and Brian Roberts (who once made the Fordham Ram mascot sit on me) for Courtney Lee.

Kelly – Oh this Fordham Ram story needs to be told now. Asap.

Max- My dad is a University of Dayton alum and, many years before I knew I’d end up at Rose Hill, would take my brother and me to Dayton-Fordham basketball games. Roberts was one of my favorite Flyers and, at one game, I cheered him rather exuberantly. The Ram didn’t appreciate that and deciding sitting on my lap might quiet me down.

Kelly – Hahahaha awww little Max. But that’s hysterical. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t cheer for the Rams.

Max- Yes, apparently I had to learn that the hard way.

Turns out Roberts is going to Miami, according to Woj. WE HAVE A THREE TEAMER!

Kelly – Well then. That’s aggressive. What’s the theory with Miami getting involved – how do the Heat benefit from this trade?
Also, let’s just take a second to shout out to a favorite of yours, Max, Zach Lowe of ESPN for this incredible tweet:

I think that might have made my day.

Max- Zach asking Adam Silver to move the trade deadline for his daughter was one of my favorite moments of the season.

Roberts isn’t someone who moves the needle a whole lot, but he’s a quality bench guard and… I guess the Heat needed one of those after sending Mario Chalmers away earlier in the year?

The real motivation was likely trading Chris Andersen, as Woj just reported. That gets Miami closer to getting out of the luxury tax, something they very much want to do.

Kelly- Apparently the Philadelphia media is having a field day watching the Bucks, which is kind of quite hysterical.



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